Summer Uniform Announcement

The votes are in and it was VERY close and the winner is number 2!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is the new uniform for the summer!!!!

**Note-If we are not recruiting as many people as we did with the old uniform then we’ll have to switch back the the old one**



5 Responses

  1. haha u lost ur membership elite sucker

  2. i think ppl r getting confused about Elite caz of the new uniform

  3. Give your dad a condition. Like tell him to make you a member if you get high grades or if you do the laundry for a month. Once again:

    Guys. I think RPA and Elites should ally. We are both running low on recruits. Here’s our site:

    I like the Elites because most of them arent boastful. I always defend Elite members or ACP members when they are bullied. Now I we need to ally. Also, anyone can join RPA.

    I am also inviting you all to the Club Penguin United Nations or CPUN which is at
    You can be one of the armies on the list of CPUN members. CPUN usually has Royal Rumble Practice Wars and more Practice Wars. It’s a great communtiy. We can all help out each other there.


  4. Yeah Elites should join CPUN. CPR, Red Raiders, and many more are in it. Also this army hasn’t been active much lately on Mammoth.


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