It’s over guys

If you haven’t guessed it already I quit. Well guys we had a good run. The army was doing pretty well for it self i mean we came out of no were and took clubpenguin by storm, we raided servers, won numberous wars, we were doing really good. But as they say all good thing come to an end and sadly this is the end of Elite…


9 Responses

  1. Bye Ninja,Bye Elites.

  2. Im sorry to hear this. One of my most favorite allies are over. Its ok because the CPUN can revive it! We will do all we can to bring you guys back up! CPUN is an organizations of armies working together so join us at . If you’re sure it’s officially over than can some of your soldiers join the Red Raiders? We can use some soldiers!


  3. I salute u, 77ninja77.

  4. I rlly can’t beleive im saying this but DON”T GO YET!!

  5. eh,I knew it. NMA no longer has our biggest enemy.I’m not looking for war though. Is it because your membership? Because mine ended 3 days ago. But I’m not mad. I will miss you all(I can’t believe I just said that).
    ~NMA Leader Mario800123

  6. Yeah i agree with charmi! I wanted to kill u!

  7. Ninja please dont leave you were our leader please dont go

  8. Dude dont leave honestly we dont care if your a non member

  9. yeah why dont you kinda make your army team up with mine so we can win battles

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