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New Elite site!!!!

Here is the new Elite site http://elitesofcp.wordpress.com/!!!!!!!


The new co-leader

Im turning the elites over to agent55562 he will be the new co-leader

I will log on to CP once or twice a week on the weekends on Mammoth

We got a recruiting video!

Take back clubpenguin

Alright guys its time that Elite makes its own come back. So here is what i want you all to do go on the server Flippers in uniform and recruit as much as possible!!!

P.S – Go back to the old uniform ( NOT the summer uniform one)

Also here is a list of our servers we own

I’m coming back!!!

Well Elite I’m back i was thinking about it and it doesnt matter if im not a member im still your leader. The thing that really shocked me is that other armies were asking me not to leave even armies that are against us were asking me not to leave so Elite I am back!

It’s over guys

If you haven’t guessed it already I quit. Well guys we had a good run. The army was doing pretty well for it self i mean we came out of no were and took clubpenguin by storm, we raided servers, won numberous wars, we were doing really good. But as they say all good thing come to an end and sadly this is the end of Elite…

Summer Uniform Announcement

The votes are in and it was VERY close and the winner is number 2!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is the new uniform for the summer!!!!

**Note-If we are not recruiting as many people as we did with the old uniform then we’ll have to switch back the the old one**