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What should I do

My membership expired and my dad got mad at me so he wont renew it. I dont know what to do i cant lead an army without a¬†uniform and we lost our HQ. So does anyone know what i should do here. ūüė¶


Summer Uniform!!!

Elite we are going to have a new uniform for the summer!! Here are the two uniforms we have inmind. Leave the Number of the uniform you want!!!!!   

Voting ends on Sunday 15th


We are going to have a war with the TSACP!! I need everyone in Elite and Acp and all of our Allies to come fight!!!!!

Day- Saturday,14

Time- 1:00pm  EST time

Were- Mommoth at the Dojo

This is going to be a big war so every Elite must go.


P.s. go to this site http://onealan.wordpress.com/

Elite and Acp Meeting

All Elite and Acp there will be a meeting at 77 Ninja 77 igloo on summit at 3:00pst time on Saturday,7th. This is a very important meeting so please show up and come in uniform!!!!!

The New Groups

Ok Elite we are going to have some groups to try to expand Elite to other servers


¬†Ninja’s Group (Ninja’s crew) All the experienced Elite members

 Server: Mammoth

Onealan’s Group (Acp gang) For all the acp who switched to Elite

Server: Iceberg

Agent55562’s¬†Group (NME) To recruit all the non members who want to join Elite¬†

Server: Summit

Omega’s Group (The Rookies) The new members in Elite

Server: Flurry


***Note- If you fall into any of those groups go to the server in Elite uniform(even if the leader isn’t there)***

I thought I would never see the day

OMG one of our strongest allies the ACP is offically over. All the leaders quit, like they¬†said “they went out with a bang”¬†they had a good run i mean a really good run but at least there is hope they will not all die out because Maz wants to revive them so…

Here is the acp site if you want the whole story http://acparmyofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/

Sorry guys

Hey sorry i¬†haven’t been updating the site or logging on for¬† a while i have just been really busy this week so i’m sorry